Blue Health Hub

The essence of the blue health concept lies in the recognition and harnessing of the positive effects that aquatic environments, such as oceans, rivers, and lakes have on human health and well-being. Blue health emphasises the connection between water and human health, highlighting the therapeutic and restorative benefits of being in and around water.

At ACE, we have lone recognised the benefits of engaging with aquatic environments which can have a prfound physical, mental and emotional benefit on us. Things like swimming, surfing, sailing, kayaking, paddleboarding or simply walking along a beach or sitting by a river can offer a unique sense of calm, relaxation and rejuvenation that is distinct from other natural environments.

That’s why we are working towards the development of a Blue Health Hub at Girvan Harbour!

We are currently in negotiations with South Ayrshire Council to lease a disused space at the harbour to develop into a hun which will serve as a central location for water activities, wellbeing activities, environmental initiatives, research, surveys, litter picking, activism, and volunteering on ocean-based projects. Working with a range of partners and stakeholders, the Blue Health Hub will promote physical and mental well-being, environmental stewardship, and community engagement, utilising the unique coastal resources of Girvan Harbour and its coastline.

Watch this space for updates as plans progress, and for your opportunity to feed into the process!


We are thrilled to announce that we have successfully secured funding to launch a Blue Health program in Girvan. This innovative initiative is designed to promote holistic well-being through a series of activities inspired by the Blue Health concept.

Blue Health is a holistic approach that recognizes the profound impact of water environments on human health and well-being. It encompasses activities that harness the therapeutic benefits of being near, in, on, or under water. From coastal walks and sea swimming to kayaking and beach yoga, Blue Health activities offer a unique opportunity to connect with nature and enhance physical, mental, and emotional wellness.

Our Blue Health program in Girvan will offer a diverse range of activities tailored to the local community’s needs and interests. Whether it’s exploring the stunning coastline, participating in marine conservation efforts, or simply enjoying moments of tranquility by the sea, there will be something for everyone to enjoy.

Through this program, we aim to not only improve individual well-being but also foster a deeper connection to our natural surroundings and promote sustainable practices that benefit both people and the planet.

We are excited to embark on this journey toward enhanced health and happiness for residents in Girvan and the surrounding area, We invite you to join us as we dive into the transformative power of Blue Health. Activities on offer and dates are below.




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Wellbeing Sleep Walk - 28/05/24 - 10am-12noon
Embarking on a walk while exploring the importance of good sleep unveils a myriad of health benefits. Join us as we amble along, delving into sleep topics, we unravel the vital role sleep plays in our well-being. Understanding its significance reveals how quality slumber rejuvenates the body, fortifies the immune system, and enhances cognitive function. We'll uncover the secrets of REM cycles, delve into sleep hygiene practices, and grasp the profound impact of sleep on mental health. With each step, we'll not only invigorate our bodies but also nurture a deeper appreciation for the restorative power of a good night's sleep. Meet at The Bandstand, Girvan. Donations accepted.
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Wellbeing SUP Relaxation Session - 30/05/24 - 5pm-7pm(copy)
An evening paddle along the tranquil waters of the River Girvan offers a serene escape from the bustle of daily life. Guided by our experienced team, guests are invited to relax and reconnect with nature, free of charge for local adults. As you glide along on our paddleboards, feel the stresses of the day melt away, replaced by a sense of calm and tranquillity. While donations to support our Blue Health Hub project are appreciated, they are by no means obligatory, ensuring that everyone can enjoy this rejuvenating experience. Meet at Golf Course Road car park near the Harbour.
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Wellbeing Dream Walk - 06/06/24 - 10am-12noon
Venturing on a walk while delving into the significance of dreaming unveils a tapestry of health benefits. Amidst our stroll, we'll unravel the mysteries of dreams, exploring their role in processing emotions, consolidating memories, and fostering creativity. Understanding the importance of dreaming illuminates its impact on mental well-being, offering insights into subconscious thoughts and desires. We'll traverse through topics such as lucid dreaming, dream symbolism, and the science behind REM sleep. With each step, we not only invigorate our bodies but also cultivate a deeper appreciation for the profound and transformative nature of our nightly journeys into the dream realm. Meet at The Bandstand, Girvan. Donations accepted.
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7 available
Wellbeing Canoe Trip - 15/06/24 - 6.30pm-8.30pm
An evening paddle is a great way to unwind. The River Girvan is a great place to experience some chill time with the support of our amazing guides. This is free for adults residing in our local area. Donations for our Blue Health Hub project are welcome but not mandatory. Meet at Golf Course Road car park near Harbour.
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Wellbeing Visioning Walk - 20/06/24 - 10am-12noon
Embarking on a walk while delving into the significance of creating a self-vision unveils a spectrum of health benefits. As we stride forward, we'll explore the transformative power of envisioning our future selves, clarifying goals, and igniting motivation. Understanding the importance of self-visioning illuminates its role in enhancing resilience, self-efficacy, and overall well-being. We'll delve into topics such as visualization techniques, goal setting, and fostering a growth mindset. With each step, we not only invigorate our bodies but also cultivate a deeper connection to our aspirations, empowering us to sculpt a purpose-driven life aligned with our deepest values and desires. Meet at The Bandstand, Girvan. Donations accepted.
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Wellbeing Snorkel Session - 06/07/24 - 12noon-2pm
Welcome to our snorkelling wellbeing session, where we dive into the rejuvenating world beneath the waves. As we embark on this aquatic adventure, we'll explore the many benefits of snorkelling for your physical and mental health. From the serene rhythm of breaths to the kaleidoscope of colours beneath the surface, snorkelling offers a tranquil escape and a chance to connect with nature. Join us as we glide through crystal-clear waters, immersing ourselves in the beauty of marine life and experiencing the calming effects of being surrounded by the ocean's wonders. Let's dive in and discover a new realm of wellness together. Meet at Ainslie Car Park, Girvan. Donations accepted.
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6 available


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