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Applying for grant funding can be a laborious and nervy time. It’s the metaphorical equivalent of sitting on a high fence. Fall one way and it’s doom and soul searching for a while. With positive news, it can be a leap of faith.

Thankfully, the hard work by the board of management paid off when the email dropped into the Adventure Centre for Education inbox. In April 2017, Project Adventure Carrick was underway and about to go into full swing…and that meant rebranding the existing Adventure Carrick was now a possibility rather than improbability.

Here is how we developed our new brand: Adventure Carrick

Researching into re-branding was akin to looking in the mirror.  You maybe like what you see. You’re popular – with some- but you know deep down you had potential for better.  We were good.  Very good. Social media reviews say so as do sales but where better is possible then simply being good was not enough. As adventure enthusiasts ourselves this was a challenge of a different kind.  Key attributes such as our brand structure, brand architecture and brand character were clearly needing outlined in order for us to identify self; before showcasing what we offer to potential customers. We gained a real insight into how the general public perceive Adventure Carrick by attending several Business Gateway and Digital tourism workshops. We nervously, with a squished up face, used our company as guinea pigs for peer feedback. And it was valuable as peers always bring out elements of your existing brand which you oversee. Listening and reflecting was essential in the rebrand process.


After a mandatory tender process we commissioned East Ayrshire based design company CREO (which is part of the SOD IT GROUP) to rebrand our existing logo as project 1. We designed and submitted a brief. We stated what our ideas were; our brand structure; our brand positioning and converged our thinking which enabled the designers to get to work from a concept. Without too much draft editing, our new logo and brand guidelines were released. It was like having a FRESH START.


The rationale behind the logo change was simple. We required a logo which was less playful and easier to read at a glance. We also wanted to move to icon based imagery which was modern, trending and easier to isolate in terms of brand building. We also wanted to portray a more sincere image; that we are professional and trustworthy. Hence the use of cyan blue as our colour pallet and key text font with sharper focus and alignment. But…we are fun to be around…so we decided to work with the old logo to keep the mountain and wave which is iconic to what we offer. We love the tree placement too!!


Project 2 was to tender for the building of a new website. In comparison to other tender replies CREO could offer videography within the budget set therefore we commissioned them to build our new site which proved seamless from the brand creation project. As part of the rebrand phase we chose a colour palette which reflects our affinity with the sea as our roots are in Girvan, South Ayrshire. We opted for large, clear images which draws in the logo and a fresh strapline. We also created a bespoke social media hashtag to align Adventure Carrick with ACE.

Throughout the rebrand, the designers have created a stock of stylish icons which represent our activity offering therefore by integrating the use of google map technology both for web and smart phone, we can easily connect what activities we do, where.

For us, as a lesson learnt. Rebranding is essentially about retaining consistency. From the initial customer touch point through to the close of sale. Keep it simple. Keep it consistent.

Now…onto leaflet design…

What do you think of our new look? We would love to hear from you!

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