Blog 3 WatersportsSeason of to a flyer

Blog No# 3 | Off to a flyer | Coasteering Explorer

Picture this.

Flat calm sea. Warm bright sunshine and dry rock. Falling tide. Just picture perfect conditions for our Coasteering Explorer session last week.

After a short walk down the hillside, the session starts with a safety brief on dry land before stepping into the shallow water. This is where we get the wetsuits to work and also explore the rock pools.


After progressing onto some small ledge type jumps and swimming in the coves the group swam a short distance to explore the cave

 Across from the cave. Jo taking air off the Island 



The ledge jump. Not as easy as it looks. Excellent landing areas and access back onto the rock

Cove jump number 1. Super friendly environment to progress jump heights.

Still plenty to explore in and around the cove before the swim and scramble back to the beach.

A picture perfect day to be out on the water coasteering. When the weather is this good.. you just have to react and make the most of it.

Thanks for joining us – The Hurley Family. Preston. England