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Blog No# 3 | Off to a flyer | Coasteering Explorer

Picture this. Flat calm sea. Warm bright sunshine and dry rock. Falling tide. Just picture perfect conditions for our Coasteering Explorer session last week. After a short walk down the hillside, the session starts with a safety brief on dry land before stepping into the shallow water. This is where we get the wetsuits to […]

Blog | No# 2 | Don’t Skip The Intro

Our water sports season started fairly late for us this year where the first group of young people took to the water during our children’s adventure camp around mid April. 12 young people enjoyed a great day out at Glen Trool canoeing with our experienced instructor Miles. We even captured the day using a drone […]

Blog | No# 1| Fresh New Look |

Applying for grant funding can be a laborious and nervy time. It’s the metaphorical equivalent of sitting on a high fence. Fall one way and it’s doom and soul searching for a while. With positive news, it can be a leap of faith. Thankfully, the hard work by the board of management paid off when […]