Snorkel Trail

The Adventure Centre for Education (ACE) has taken the lead in developing the South Ayrshire Snorkel Trail in collaboration with the Scottish Wildlife Trust, the national organisation spearheading trail development across Scotland. ACE has formed a partnership with local entities, including the Galloway and Southern Ayrshire Biosphere, Outdoor Partnership South Ayrshire, National Trust Scotland Culzean, Rubbish Paddlers, and South Ayrshire Council, to collectively contribute to the trail’s development.

The selected trail sites encompass Big Isle Lendalfoot, Horse Rocks Girvan, Maidens, Culzean Country Park, Dunure, and Troon. Collaborative efforts have been invested in site selection, risk assessments, promotional material design, and other aspects of development.

Our goal is to launch the completed trail at Maidens Harbour on Sunday, June 9th, coinciding with World Ocean Day weekend. These sites showcase the captivating seascapes and diverse underwater ecosystems in South Ayrshire. By emphasising the significance of what lies beneath the water’s surface, we aim to raise awareness locally and globally about the importance of preserving our seas for all generations. This initiative aligns with our Blue Health Hub and promotes the Blue Mind concept.

Join us in expanding your horizons and contributing to the protection of our oceans.


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