outdoor activities for kids

Outdoor activities for kids

Studies have shown that regular participation in outdoor activities can improve children’s concentration, their achievement potential at school, relaxes them and builds self esteem. What more do you want?
We are all aware that given the choice the majority of kids would stay in all day on their X-Box or Playstation if it were up to them. But for most of us who are parents we filled our days by playing games outside. Personally I was lucky enough to have grown up in the countryside; surrounded by thick woodland, hills and fields. In the summer we would swim in the river and in the winter we’d go sledging on the steep hill behind the church until our hands were so frozen we couldn’t move them!
Things are so different now and as a parent I’m constantly concerned about where it is safe for my son to play and what he could do. This combined with my work commitments makes it difficult for me to make decisions about what exactly he should do.
With the range of outdoor activities available at Adventure Carrick I feel that the options are almost endless. I know that when I take him and his friends there they are in safe hands; all of the outdoor activities staff are experienced and qualified and the kids have the opportunity to try out new activities that they’ve never done before.
In addition to the fun they have it’s also really good for them; gets them outside so they’re breathing some clean air, keeps them fit and they really love it.
In addition to the studies I’ve read, I can confirm that his schoolwork has benefited too. I’ve noticed that my son in particular is more focussed and his confidence has grown rapidly.
In the last few months he’s also become quite a skilled archer and he can handle a kayak better than I ever could! Well done Adventure Carrick and keep up the good work!!!!